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Olive Kitteridge

Olive Kitteridge - Elizabeth Strout Reading June 20096/19/2009: I finished Olive Kitteridge early this morning. What a book! I really loved it. I think the thing about this book that makes it so striking is how compassionate Elizabeth Strout is in regards to the quirkiness of the characters in the book. The characters we meet in the book seem so ordinary at first glance - just like the people we encounter in our every day lives, but Elizabeth provides an intimate view into the inward conversations and motivations of the characters and let's us see that people are often not what we assume them to be. A truly extraordinary book and writer. I look forward to reading "Abide with Me" and "Amy and Isabelle." I purchased both books today and have added them to my reading queue.6/5/2009: Yesterday I read the 1st chapter (Pharmacy) from an excerpt that I got from the New York Times (link posted to this excerpt is posted to the Epilogue discussion forum). Today I downloaded the book and transferred it to my Cybook Gen3.