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Gilead: A Novel

Gilead - Marilynne Robinson

Epilogue Book Club book for May 2009



I finally finished Gilead. It never moved from dull to interesting. Probably one of the dullest books I ever finished (I usually just put a dull book to the side and never take it up again).


Again I ask, how did this dull book ever become a Pulitzer Prizing winning novel?


I am so glad to be done with this book and will be interested to see if anyone in the book club actually got much out of it (or even finished it).



I'm now about a third of the way through this book and I'm finding it to be so very dull dull dull. If I weren't reading it for my book club I'd be tempted to put it down and forget about it. How did this dull book ever become a Pulitzer Prize winning novel?



Just started Gilead this morning. It is the book that will be discussed at my book club meeting next month. I've got the electronic version and am reading it on my Cybook Gen3.