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The Book of Air and Shadows

The Book of Air and Shadows - Michael Gruber

The book did not start well for me, but I found the storyline to be quite intriguing. Unfortunately, the book didn't get any better and eventually fell apart at about the halfway point. I stuck with it until I was more than 3/4th of the way through it when I decided I just couldn't take it anymore and stopped reading. I found the book to be tedious for several reasons:


  1. I didn't care for the writing style
  2. The story got very boring
  3. There were too many gratuitous sexual encounters that didn't have anything to do with or add anything to the story. They seemed to be interjected throughout the book just because the author could.
  4. I was put off by the overuse of the "F" word and
  5. I didn't care about any of the main characters in the story - the characters were not well developed and were very superficial.

I checked the electronic version of this book out of the Library, so now I can just delete it from my Cybook and move on to, hopefully, a better read. I'm sorry for the time I wasted trying to get through this book, but at least I didn't waste any money on it and since it was electronic, I don't even have to think about how to dispose of it. There's a small comfort!

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